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Do you want a personalized study plan to help you crack UPSC CSE 2024? We're offering 3 free mentorship sessions (30 minutes each). You can talk to our mentor and get practical solutions for the problems you're facing. Learning outcomes:General study plan for the next one yearStrategies to analyze PYQNote-making strategyOur resources are limited. Therefore, participate in this initiative only if you're a serious UPSC-aspirant. Click the following link to book your first mentorship session. Choose your convenient date and time.Book Mentorship Session

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Got a strong desire to clear UPSC CSE 2024? But, has nobody to guide you? Ekam ARISE, the ultimate mentorship program, is for you! It offers unlimited 1:1 mentorship sessions and much more.  Click here for more details The new batch is starting from July 5th onwards. Seats are limited to 25.  Happy Preparation!

Prelims results are out. What's next?

Dear StudentsWe hope you've already checked your Prelims result. If not, please click HERE to download the results' PDF with the selected candidates' names. Irrespective of your Prelims result, we're offering free 1:1 mentorship session to guide you through this juncture. Through this session, you can get personalized solutions to difficulties you're facing in your current stage of preparation. Are you facing difficulties that you're unable to solve by yourself?Yes, I want mentorship Happy Preparation!

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Mains Through PYQ

Dear StudentsMains Through PYQ (MTP) is a unique course designed for a beginner. At the end of the course, you'll write answers that fetch good marks for mains examination. For more details, click the following link: Mains Through PYQHappy Preparation!

Questions from Ekam PTS in Prelims 23 examination

Dear studentsIt is a matter of pride for us that Ekam Content Research team could predict 28 questions for Prelims through just 26 mock tests. Click HERE to see the predicted questions. Yet another proof that quality can be affordable! Thank you for trusting us. Now that the prelims examination is over, we highly recommend you to start your mains preparation. For guidance, please feel free to reach out to us. We'll be happy to help. Book an appointment.Happy Preparation. 

UPSC Prelims answer key of all series

Dear StudentsWe hope your prelims examination went well for you. Download the answer key from the following link. start the mains-preparation immediately without wasting much time. Don't wait the prelims-result to come. All the best. 

UPSC Prelims 2023

Dear students Best wishes from Ekam IAS. We believe in you. Keep calm and give prelims! Please click the following link to watch a 9-minute video to ease your mind.