Master of Economy (MoE)

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This course is by Samjad AG, India's no.1 faculty for UPSC Economy. Join the Master of Economy (MoE) course to gain great concept clarity in Prelims and Mains syllabus of Economy.

Economy is by far the most important subject for UPSC GS preparation. In the last 3 years, an average of 21 questions are asked for the Prelims exam from Economy. For Mains GS-3 examination, half of the questions are from Economy. 

Economy becomes a difficult subject as concept clarity is required to answer most of the questions. Few readings of Ramesh Singh or Shanker Ganesh, or lectures by so-called 'top' educators may not suffice in this regard. 

Samjad sir teaches Economy in the most simplified form with realistic examples and interlinks. He covers all aspects of a topic, without a loophole, and solves Previous Years' Questions through this course. This enables a student to learn Economy from an examination perspective. If you join MoE course, you'll thank us from the examination hall! 

This course is for understanding the static portion of the Economy syllabus. The candidates should update the Current Affairs separately.